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The biggest SEO trend of 2014

Absolutely The Biggest SEO Trend Of 2014

When you are trying to participate in search engine optimization to boost your position of your website or business on the search engines, it takes a little bit of expertise on your part in regard to off-site and on site settings. If you are able to do all of your optimization properly, it’s easy to rank very highly for specific phrases on the web that can be profitable for you. SEO Web Magic stressed; with a new update coming up, it may cause some problems for your existing sites, and also cause you to rethink the strategies that you will want to use. Here are some tips on how to do proper search engine optimization, and also with the biggest SEO trend of 2014 will actually be.

Understanding SEO Today

When you think about creating a website, there are some specific aspects that must be catered to in order to rank high in the search engines. The most important strategy to use with on-site optimization is to make sure that your website has a silo structure. If it doesn’t, it may not rank very well, and it may be more difficult for the search engines bots and spiders to properly index the content that you have. In regard to off-site optimization, the largest trend will be diverse education of all of your backlinks, not so much in regard to IP addresses, but the anchor text that is used, as well as how intermittent the ranking actually is. Becoming more natural with your back linking is the key to achieving higher rankings quickly, along with having the ability to diversify the keywords that you use pointing back to your site.

The Biggest SEO Trend Of 2014

In conclusion, the biggest SEO trend of 2014 is going to be diversification of backlinks. This diversification has to do with three specific aspects. First, it needs to be gradual when you do your link building. Second, the IP addresses need to be diversified. Third, the anchor text that is used must be extremely diversified, making it look much more natural. Therefore, with these three things in mind, since the biggest trend is going to be diversification, making sure that your keywords, backlinks, and anchor text is variable to a large degree, you will ensure top rankings for your websites this year that will last for several months, or even longer into the future.

The threat of 3D printing

The Threat Of 3D Printing Is A Real One

With new technology comes easier ways to assemble products. People are no longer needed for production the way they were before. This means, less jobs. ABPS added that, tt’s sad but true, every time some really smart guy comes up with something brilliant, it puts a bunch of us regular folks way out of work. This is the same with 3D printing.

A 3D printer can make an exact replica of a lot of the plastic things that we might have a job assembling. They can make a whistle that is completely functional using 3D printing. This means, no longer will they need a line a factory workers controlling the machines that poor the plastic.

What can I do to prevent my job from being taken away? The simple answer here is of course education. Education is the first step in getting a job that cannot be replaced with a machine. You see, artificial intelligence only goes so far. Eventually, we need to bring in humans to offer that artificial intelligence.

Think their is no way you can get an education? If money really is the issue, there is always aid out there. I know you might think that going back to school will cut into the time you have to work. It wont if you go back to school the smart way. There are plenty of online classes to choose from. These are classes that you can do at your own pace. No pressure, just learning.

Anyone can get an education that can take away the threat of them being replaced with technology. Now is a great time to do it. I know you want to get the education you deserve before the 3D printers take over and make your job obsolete.

Don’t be to worried about the 3D printer take over. 3D printers are still not widely available. They cost thousands of dollars, and are expensive to fix when something goes wrong.

Now is a great time to get the education you need before this take over happens. It can take years to get an education. It might only take years for 3D printers to complete their take over. Why not get an education that will help you stay out of the unemployment line. Its the right thing to do. You should always invest in yourself or your job will become obsolete in your lifetime.

Naturopathy Gold Coast

Basic Information About Naturopathy And What It Can Do For You

What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a form of health care that can be viewed as a science, art and philosophy. It is a system that is always changing due to constant self assessment and a desire to incorporate and use the best methods from a variety of healing disciplines.

Is a naturopathic practitioner as well trained and reliable as a medical doctor?

Naturopathy practitioners are bound by the Hippocratic oath to do no harm, just as medical doctors are. A naturopathic practitioner attends university to receive a degree in a field of conventional medicine and then goes on to study naturopathic medicine for four more years. Visit www.mynaturopathgoldcoast.com.au for more information. This is just the same as a doctor who attends university and then attends four years of medical school.

What does a naturopathic practitioner do?

A practitioner of naturopathic medicine is called and ND. He or she works to help patients attain wellness holistically with a winning combination of healthy lifestyle and standard medicine.

What is holistic wellness?

Holistic treatment of wellness involves addressing the needs of the whole patient rather than treating problems with systems in isolation. In fact, an ND focuses more on understanding the patient than on understanding the symptoms of illness. When working with a patient, an ND follows a set diagnostic and treatment pattern.

What happens when you visit an ND?

First, he or she will perform a thorough exam, which will include an in depth interview. ND’s are trained to listen carefully as it is believed that simply being heard and understood is a big step toward wellness. Treatment is based on the ND’s physical findings as well as information gleaned during the interview.

A large part of naturopathic treatment involves education. An ND strives to inform, instruct and enlighten patients to empower them to help themselves.

Once the patient understands the nature of the situation, the ND and the patient will work together to devise a plan of treatment. This plan might involve the use of alternative therapies, establishing a program of exercise, improving the diet, adding supplements and using homeopathic and/or medical treatment.

Will naturopathy help with chronic illness and serious illness?

People suffering from chronic and serious conditions do very well with naturopathic treatment because, by its very nature, it is ongoing. When a person is seriously ill and/or has a chronic condition, it is usually the result of a lifetime of poor habits. Naturopathy addresses these habits and helps the patient learn new, healthier lifestyle choices.

SEO Company Gold Coast

The Right SEO Company Can Assist You

A good SEO company is going to be able to work with you so that your site will be more prominent in search engine results. When you wish to get more traffic but don’t have a lot of time, you can hire a company to help you with this.

Research is important when it comes to hiring a company to help with SEO purposes. In this day and age, people can leave reviews about just about anything on websites. These reviews are easy to find if you’re able to search for them on a search engine. Just type in the name of the company you’re thinking of working with along with the word reviews and see what comes up in the results. Try to read through a couple of different reviews so you can get an idea of what to expect when working with the company.

Always figure out what the company that will be helping with SEO is going to charge and what services they’ll be offering to you. This is so that you can figure out whether or not it’s worth the money after you compare the prices of a few different companies, as Streamshare suggested. You want to really work on figuring out what the services entail as well so you know how much work will go into what they’re doing. If you don’t feel like the price is fair, you can try to negotiate with them or you can just move on to someone else.

It’s a smart move to get a company that you can work with time and again. If the price is right and they do good work, keep their contact information so you can have them help you out in the future. With SEO, you have to stay on top of things at all times. Search engines eventually will change how they rank results, and when you notice your ranking slipping you’ll need to get the company to help you again. Plus, after they’ve worked on your site once they will be more likely to be able to help you get things updated.

When it comes down to it, the right SEO company is now what you’re able to hire with the advice you’ve gone over here. Always make sure that you work with the right place so that you can get service that will help you get a lot more traffic.

Structural Landscaping Elements 

Structural Elements In Landscaping

Landscaping is the art of arranging objects, plants and earthen design so as to create a space that is functional in a major way and is pleasing to the eye at the same time. With the proper structural elements in place, focal points are created, places of comfort and refuge are placed and perspective is added to your design.

landscaping designsThe way to go about a landscaping project is to hire a professional landscaper, unless that is your field or you have a lot of experience in the field. The aesthetics of a good landscaping design are such that people will stop and be amazed at the symmetry of the design and the colours of the entire arrangement.

Strategic placement of trees and shrubs is a key to pleasing landscape design, and then the placement of cabanas, pergolas, gazebos, walkways, shrubberies, lighting and water features can make or break a landscape design.

An area that is landscaped needs to have an entrance that guides you into the area, and then your eye guides you along a path of events and objects so as to engage you each step along the way. Then there needs to be areas and way points that catch the eye and incites relaxation and peace.

Gazebos create a great spot to stop and sit in the shade, while contemplating the next step as you gaze over the structural landscaping ideasgrounds and what has been covered thus far. Each element should have a visual purpose, drawing in the eye, leading to the next object of visual element.

Water can play a significant role in offsetting the monotony of green, and adds a refreshing contrast to the rest of the design. Whether as a pool, or as a flowing water feature, it can be very attractive.

Once completed, your landscaping should make a statement, but more importantly provide a space that makes you comfortable and an area in which you enjoy spending time.

Overcoming First Date Terror

First Date Terror? It’s Not So Bad…

Have a problem with being terrified on the first date? Want to know how you can deal with those first encounter anxieties that have been holding you back all this time? Well, I have a solution for you. Make sure you keep yourself ready, and confident to please your date and these will be anxieties of the past. Here are some of our suggested dating advice for men:

The first rule to having an awesome date.

Let the girl know she’s in charge. Don’t try to go were you want to go, go were she wants to go. It the best way to get her confidence in you as high as it will go.

Make sure it’s not anything that’s to much.

I know you want to impress your girl with an awesome time when your out. But remember, she might have some homework, or possibly real world work to get to in the morning. Maybe you should just see a movie and not go to the ice rink after?

Don’t spend to much money.

You don’t want to seem flashy on the first date. You might think it’s all about spoiling her. This is a common misconception, you should just be there on the first date to have a good time, not show off how much money you can spend on her. It might make her uncomfortable, and the bad vibes could wash out on you.

Remember, nothing helps the nerves more then picking a girl you really like to be your first date. Pick someone you have fun with. When your friends all ready the terrors of that first date don’t turn out to be all that much. I hope you decide to pick someone you can have a great time with. I know you will if you keep looking until you do.

7 Ways To Reduce Water Usage


As we all know the cost of water is constantly rising on the Gold Coast & Brisbane. So at Emergency Plumber 1 would like to give you 7 ways that will help you reduce your water usage saving you money.

      1. Burst pipe – This can be a major cause of excess water bills. Please refer to our in depth article ‘How to find out if you have a water leak’. This will take you through the steps to ensure you don’t have a water leak.
      2. Dripping taps – you would be surprised at how much a dripping tap can add up to. The longer a tap drips the more it will cost to repair, so go around your home to ensure all taps aren’t dripping. If you find one give us a call so we can fix it.

        dripping tap

        Dripping Taps Cost Money & Waste Water

      3. Running toilet – toilets can leak without you noticing the best way to see if it is leaking is check the toilet bowel to see if there are any ripples. You can also put a piece of toilet paper on the back of the bowel to see if it goes damp. Please watch our video ‘How to see if you have a water leak’ as this will explain it for you.
      4. Dual flush toilet suites – if you still have an old single flush (one button) toilet suite you will be using over 12L a flush. New suites only use 3.5L per half flush and 6.5L per full flush.
      5. Flow restrictors – These are easily fitted to your basins, showers and other fixtures. You could have 20L/min in your vanity basin and we can drop it down to 4L/min. This is a massive reduction.
      6. Hot Water Unit – Check around the base of unit for any signs of water. If you see damp areas this could mean there is a problem with the unit and may need to be replaced. The other thing is to check overflow to ensure it is not constantly running.
      7. Install a rainwater tank – This is a great way to solve water usage. We can install hose taps for your garden, connect to washing machine and also connect to your toilets.

tank tap



Organic Coffee Growing

Why It’s Good To Support Organic Coffee Growing

The big coffee plantations clear cut acres and acres of old growth forests in South America for the purpose of growing coffee in the sun. This method produces large amounts of coffee more quickly, but most people don’t realise that it is not really a natural way for coffee to grow. Mike King a local Bangalow coffee grower said that the loss of old growth forest means the loss of habitat for countless animals, insects and plants, many of which we have not yet “discovered”. This is a wealth of information and potential pharmacopoeia flushed down the drain for quickly grown coffee. Furthermore, the clear cutting of forests contributes significantly to global warming and should be avoided at all costs.

As a wild plant, the coffee shrub is an undergrowth plant that grows under larger trees. Natural coffee is shade grown. This method of organic coffee growing takes longer than growing coffee in direct sun, but it produces coffee with a more subtle and complex flavour.

Plantation grown coffee is also treated with a number of chemicals to prevent pest predation and other problems. Organic shade grown coffee is free of these chemicals, and when you drink it, so are you!

Another excellent reason to support and purchase organically grown coffee is that this type of coffee is usually fair trade coffee. This means that, instead of being planted, tended and harvested by underpaid labourers, it is grown and cared for by small farmers who are paid a fair price for their products. Your purchase of organically grown coffee helps an independent small business owner.

Organically grown coffee tastes better, is healthier to consume and is better for the environment. When you purchase organic, shade grown coffee, you are investing in sustainable business and benefiting individuals struggling for independence. All in all, it is very easy to see that purchasing organic, shade grown coffee is the right thing to do.

Leaking Taps Gold Coast

How To Take Care Of A Leaking Tap

Symcorp Building Services is family owned and operated and provides professional building services, maintenance, and restoration to Gold Coast residents in Queensland. Our friendly, qualified workmen offer prompt and professional maintenance services of the highest standards, including building maintenance, electrical repairs, plumbing and garden services.

Due to the increased demand for plumbing services on the Gold Coast, Symcorp Plumbing Services was established as a division of Symcorp to specialize in maintenance and repairs related to plumbing. Symcorp Plumbing Services offers residential and commercial plumbing services by a team of reliable and fully qualified plumbers, who are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to plumbing problems.

Symcorp Plumbing Services include:

- General plumbing
- Leaking taps
- Blocked drains
- Hot water system repair and maintenance


A leaking tap is one of the most common plumbing problems in most households. A leaking tap has several causes, most of which are simple and easy to fix, so don’t ignore that dripping faucet in your kitchen, bathroom or garden as a dripping tap wastes precious water and costs you money in the long run.  The annoying sound of dripping water can keep you awake at night and a leak in the pipes can cause a pool of water to accumulate under the sink. The nuisance of a leaking tap can turn into a more serious problem, if it is not taken care of properly.

A qualified plumber from Symcorp will be able to assess the problem and discover the source of the leak. Fortunately, most leaky taps are easy and surprisingly inexpensive to fix and may be due to a problem with the compression valve or a worn washer that needs to be replaced.


There are three different types of washers in a faucet system that may be causing the tap to leak and which may need to be replaced:

1. O-ring
2. Body washer
3. Jumper valve

These come in standard sizes and our plumbers carry a selection of replacement washers in their well stocked tool kits. The tap will have to be disassembled to fit the new washers and a plumber will disconnect the main water supply in order to carry out the job. Once the washers have been replaced, water supply will be turned on and the plumber will check that the leaking has stopped.


If the tap continues to leak after one or more washers have been replaced, it may be necessary to re-seat the tap. Re-seating requires resurfacing the tap to provide the tightest seal around the washers. This is a job that can quickly and easily be accomplished by one of our plumbers.

How to Get Reviews for your Local Business

How To Get Review For Local Businesses

Your reputation, the one thing that you can’t buy. I was always taught that a person’s reputation is the only thing that they would have to earn in life and that has proven to be true. When it comes to local businesses, their life blood is their reputation and their marketing. As Google integrates local business results in search results, your businesses reputation will be on display for all to see. Not only will people be able to see what past customers think about you, this is going to be the first thing that they see about your business.

I feel that I’m preaching to the choir and that you are here to figure out how to get reviews. Andrew Riedel first advice is not to pay for reviews because doing this can result in very high fans and a false advertisement criminal charge and lawsuit against your business. If you do not believe me, go check the Huffington Post article about the company that was fined over $300,000 dollars for doing so. Talk about creating a bad reputation for yourself. As Nancy taught us in the 80′s, “Just Say No!” There’s a much better and organic way to do get reviews.

How To Get Reviews

It all starts when you give your service. Unfortunately, unhappy customers are more eager to leave a review than happy customers. Take a look on Google Plus and see how detailed the unhappy raters are vs the happy customers! The first thing is to be a great company who works hard to please customers. The second thing you have to do is to create an in-house system to get reviews. Enter people into a raffle, offer a discount, encourage every customer to give you a review immediately after they have been serviced. You are not asking for lies but for honest reviews and you should frame as them giving you insight into your business. In many ways, you Google reviews should be treated like a poll or a survey.

Curate Reviews

If someone has already left you reviews or has said positive things about you on your website, facebook or some other review site, then ask them to leave a review somewhere else. I have emailed and PM’d customers and asked them if they would give a review. I’m very direct with them and tell them, “we are trying to grow the business, we need more clients to stay open, someone has badmouth us and we know that we do right by our customers, will you please give us a review on this site.” If you really do good work, if people really do like you, then they will be happy to give you a review. Another thing that you should do is contact all your old customers and ask for a review. I have some companies calling customers a day after they were served to leave a review.

As you can see, there are many ways to get reviews.

Pre-purchase Property Inspections Gold Coast

Pre Purchase Property Inspections – What To Look For

Are you purchasing a home in the near future? Are you thinking about buying a house, but you haven’t signed on the dotted line? How about, pre-purchase property inspections Gold Coast?  This might be good, especially if you have not done the proper pre-purchase property inspections necessary to make sure that what you are purchasing is going to be an excellent deal for the money you are going to spend. Here are a few tips on doing pre-purchase property inspections, and what to look for before you buy any home or property.

Look For Infestations

Although a house may seem to be in good condition, there are some unseen problems that may be hidden in the wood. In some pre purchaselocations, termites can infiltrate a home, literally eating it away, and you may not notice that this has occurred until you do a proper inspection. This may require hiring a professional company to make the necessary inspection, looking at every aspect of the home just to make sure.

Check For Dry Rot And Mold

Another possible problem that you may have with a home that you want to purchase is the fact that it has dry rot or mold. Dry rot can be caused by flooding that has caused the problem, and likewise, mold can be the result of not removing water soon enough after a flood. Dry rot can lead to thousands of dollars in damage that you will have to pay for if it is not detected prior to the sale. Likewise, mold can be expensive to remove, and it may also cause life threatening illnesses to occur.

By using the simple tips on what to look for during a pre-purchase property inspection, you should be able to purchase a property that is in excellent condition as long as you do the proper inspections to make sure that it does not have termites, dry rot or mold.

Company Uniforms as a Branding Strategy

Company Branding For The American Airlines – US Airways Merger

When two companies merge together, there is a necessity to portray to the public at large that the merger was a successful one and that things are moving forward on a positive note. That is why when American Airlines and US Airways recently merged, they have american airliensput forth a branding effort to display to the public service will continue without interruption around the globe with even more destinations and services.

The new logo for the combined companies will feature a flight symbol that has the eagle, the star and the “A” in shades of red, white, and blue. In keeping with the core icons of the the company, this gives a familiar, yet refreshing look to the logo.

The new airline is committed to broadening and  modernizing their passenger’s traveling experience with updated services and products, beginning with terminals that are being redesigned as well as improved on-board accommodations for passengers as they travel in the aircraft. Company uniforms as a branding strategy  and the company must understand that in today’s modern world, time is of the essence, but so is the comfort and convenience of the passengers. In the coming years the passengers will see an entire travel experience transformed.

The redesign of the interior of the airplanes is a bold statement of the origin and the name of the company, but also emphasizes looking forward while capitalizing on the freedom of spirit of modern America. The passenger experience inside the planes will be one of comfort, convenience and a focused  time in the air.

Now, passengers will enjoy a totally new comfort level in our Boeing 777 300ERs, with full flat aisle access for First Class and Business Class seating. All of the new services, amenities, and new options for menus in First and Business Class international flights will be beyond compare.

GPR Applications

Using Ground Penetrating Radar Applications

I like to read things.  Let me clarify that, I like to read interesting facts on the internet as a means of expanding my sphere of knowledge.  Some people would be curious as to why I do this?  What’s the point of reading facts that I would probably never use?  My response is: why not?  GPR Applications  all information is out there, why not lap it up and have the knowledge in your hard drive just in case the opportunity arises to utilize it!  Last week I landed on a geology site and discovered a particularly interesting article on ground penetrating radars; as well as their applications.

A ground penetrating radar can be likened to radiation seismology.  This doesn’t mean much to people who haven’t studied geology or even taken a moment to find out about it, so let me explain.

Ground penetrating radar is a method of determining whether or not objects are buried underneath the surface rock, ice or sand.  It sends electromagnetic pulses through the subsurface structures, and if an object is detected the pulse will radiate back.  It should be noted that this ground penetrating radar (GPR) can also detect cracks in the substructure and changes in material.  This is the basic functioning of GPR.

Ground penetration radar procedures can be applied in various disciplines beyond geology.  In this earth science it is used to discover what is lying below the bedrock; however, when used in engineering and environmental disciplines it is used to define contamination in landfills.

GPR can also be used on archaeological sites and in cemeteries for mapping purposes; whereas law enforcement will utilize the method in determining where illegal graves and buried evidence may be found.  The military will use this method as a means of finding landmines.

In conclusion, ‘surfing’ the internet can be time-consuming; but it can lead to an understanding of different types of applications like the useful ground penetrating radar.

Locked my keys in the car

A Locksmith can be handy

There are a lot of companies to consider when you are in need of the help of a locksmith company. However, how many of these companies offer round the clock service every day of the year? You may think that this is not a big deal but you may reconsider if you are ever in a situation where you need a locksmith immediately. What could happen in a home that would require a 24 hour locksmith company to come and save the day? Gold Coast emergency auto locksmith comes to the rescue.

Well, if you are a parent with small children who are 2 and 3 years old then you know what can happen. Kids just love to get into trouble, not on purpose, they just do. Now, let’s say that you go outside of your alarm secured house and one of your kids by accident locks the door. You have no way to get into the house as all of the doors and windows are secured and locked. You think about breaking a window but you remember that the glass is a special unbreakable glass.

What makes the situation critical is that you have left the gas fireplace on and it could easily be the cause of a fire in the living room. Knowing the curious and mischievous nature of your kids, you imagine all sorts of scenarios and none of them are good. Your hubby is nowhere to be found because he is out of looking for a new car. Plus, the other duplicate keys are locked inside your home.

You could call the local fire department but they would come and break down the front door which would be expensive to repair. You then realize that your best option is to phone the 24 hour locksmith company. They are trained for such emergencies and will respond quickly. Their qualified locksmiths will be there in a jiffy and open the front door without any problems.

How to Put Together a Graphic Design Brief

Putting Together an Effective Graphic Design Brief

A thoroughly prepared customer brief is half the success of a graphic design project. All the information with regards to the client’s project is needed in order to have a comprehensive insight into the client’s brand, which would make it easier for the graphic designer to apprehend the brand and address the client’s requirements spot-on.

A properly prepared client’s design brief would give the graphic designer or brand consultant a great source of ideas to work with. Unless you have a clear idea about the client’s requirements, a designing or rebranding project cannot be successful.  Without this awareness, whatever you create will be a waste of your time and money, and the client will end up spending more money than budgeted in order to do the required modifications. The end result will be that both parties are unhappy about the final result of the project.

The client’s design brief would differ according to the particular graphic design or rebranding project. A design brief for creating a website or a business card would be totally different to one of promoting a particular brand. However, there are some important general information about the company and what you are planning to achieve through the project that could give the graphic designer a good idea about the situation. Some of the most important information that should be included in a graphic design brief are listed below.

1. Title
2. Nature of business
3. Target market: Sex, Age, Location, Income
4. USP (unique selling proposition) of your business
5. Idea about the competition and competitors
6. Future goals of the business
7. The message that needs to be communicated to the client
8. Budget range
9. Your deadline
10. Provide the designer with past design and marketing materials.

For more information you may contact this Gold Coast graphic design company for the most effective graphic design brief.

What is Letterpress Printing

Letterpress Printing Has a Great Legacy

The Gutenberg Bible was the first well known manuscript that used letterpress printing to create copies of this religious work. Basically in this process, letters are pressed into a template, by using type that is moveable. This template then presses the impressions of each of the letter on the template onto paper using the medium of ink.

Once the required impressions of a page are created, the template can be dismantled so that each letter can be reused again to create other templates. It is an expensive form of printing, and becomes viable when the numbers of copies that are taken of each created template are many. The work of creating the templates by individually placing letters into them is very laborious and can take a lot of time. Even so, there was a time, letterpress printingbefore digital printing became common, that letterpress printing made up for the bulk of all printing work undertaken by publishers and printers.

When letterpress printing was at its height, a type setter used to be able to complete single page within just a few minutes. Speed and accuracy was of great importance especially in the production of newspapers that had to be printed every day, with the latest news.  Typesetters used to put a paper to bed while working well into the night, so that the next day’s edition could hit the streets. Where different colours needed to be used, it required separate letterpress printing beds to be prepared for each colour, and the already printed material to be re- fed into the printing cycle, correctly aligned to take the next colour.

Letterpress printing is credited with making the written word more commonly available to all and sundry. Before this, getting prints was very expensive and limited the spread of written material to only the wealthy who could afford to buy such hand printed publications. Printing before the advent of the letterpress printing method, was carried out by creating printing blocks that were engraved in a material like wood.

What Are Pool Safety Laws?

The government has a few rules when it comes to keeping the safety of everyone this summer. Without these rules we might all be put at risk. They are here for our safety even though some of them might seem a little inconvenient.They can also be quite hard to enforce as children around the pool do act a little hard headed sometimes. There is hope yet! You need to make sure that you have a lifeguard enforcing these simple rules.

pool safetyThe most important thing you can remember when it comes to pool safety is to have everyone walk. A lot of accidents have landed people in the emergency room that could have been prevented if they were to have simply slowed down. It is required of all lifeguards all across the world to make sure we are not running when we are near a pool.

When in contact with shallow water you may notice those little signs on the edge of the pool that exclaim the no diving policy. These laws are also mandatory to enforce when you are swimming in shallow water. Diving in shallow water can cause head injuries that could lead to death.

You need to make sure that you are out of the pool if you even hear thunder. When a lightning bolt strikes a pool while you are in it the entire pool will get fried. This does not happen to often but don’t think that it has never happened. This is another mandatory rule for lots of pools around the world.

As long as you keep an eye on the kids this summer they should stay safe. You need to take away there time with the pool if they do not obey these laws. It could even save there life.

You also need to take into consideration the pool safety laws in your area. If you have a pool that doesn’t comply with the local laws you are risking not only a fine but the worst type of disaster you can imagine, the drowning of a child. Do you have regulation fencing? If you have just purchased your property you are obliged to get a pool safety certificate from a reputable pool safety inspector such as TPC.

Useful Carpet Cleaning Tips

Does your carpet look dirty? There are many things you can do to clean your carpet and make it look new again. The method you use really depends on the kind of stains you are dealing with.

steam cleanerCarpet shampoos are great to remove dirt or food stains as long as you use these products before the stain sets in. You should always keep some carpet shampoo around the house so you can scrub the carpet as soon as a stain appears. If the entire carpet looks dirty or needs to be freshened up, plan on shampooing and scrubbing the entire room. Your hard work will pay off.

Getting rid of a stain that had the time to set in the carpet is harder. Your best bet is a steam cleaner. You can either purchase a steam cleaner or rent one. Buying a steam cleaner will turn out to be cheaper on the long run if you have a high-maintenance carpet (for instance if you have young children, a pet or if you chose a white carpet). Apply the steam cleaner over the stain and wait a few minutes for the steam to penetrate the carpet. If the stain does not go away, scrub with a cleaning product after using the steam cleaner.

Calling a professional carpet cleaner is an option you should consider if you feel you cannot clean your carpet yourself. These services can be expensive but having your carpet cleaned by a professional can help you get a few more years of use out of your carpet instead of having to replace it. Professionals have products and machines that can remove any stain from your carpet.

You should try cleaning your carpet yourself with some good cleaning products or rent a steam cleaner if the stains had time to set in the carpet. Consider calling a professional if you need help.

Australian Roasted Coffee

Coffee in Australia is different than coffee in other parts of the world. Cultivation of the bean began in 1880 and continued to 1926, but the quality was quite poor, and the companies did not turn a profit, so they got out of it. In the 1980s, though, farmers came back to it, using much of the same land that the first coffee plantations had used, running up and down the eastern coast between Queensland and New South Wales.

Between Cape York and Lismore, coffee farms are now much more successful in Australia than they once were. Skybury and the rest of the big plantations, around Mareeba, have moved to full mechanisation, but you can still find smaller coffee farms where they still use the old hand methods.

Why is coffee successful in Australia now? When the cultivation began again in the 1980s, the first plantings came from the local Kairi Typica, but other plantings were imported, such as Blue Mountain, Caturra, Arusha and Bourbon from PNG. The first yields were not promising, and quality suffered because farmers were putting yield first. However, newer cultivars have gone through NSW Agriculture, and the recommended ones include K7, Mundo Novo, SL6, Catuai Rojo, and Kieperson.

For the most part, Australian coffees are mild. Among the northern coast varieties, Mountain Top gets some of the highest reviews. It remains to be seen whether Aussie coffee is a market that will expand successfully beyond the nation’s borders and spread elsewhere in the world. One promising development is vacuum packing, which boosts cup quality significantly. The fact that shipping times from Australia are just so long mean that cup quality would suffer otherwise. For now, taking coffee from down under to the States doesn’t make a lot of sense, but there is still time to work on it.

Byron Beans roasted coffee is delicious Australian grown coffee from the Byron Bay area of Northern NSW

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