How to Put Together a Graphic Design Brief

Putting Together an Effective Graphic Design Brief

A thoroughly prepared customer brief is half the success of a graphic design project. All the information with regards to the client’s project is needed in order to have a comprehensive insight into the client’s brand, which would make it easier for the graphic designer to apprehend the brand and address the client’s requirements spot-on.

A properly prepared client’s design brief would give the graphic designer or brand consultant a great source of ideas to work with. Unless you have a clear idea about the client’s requirements, a designing or rebranding project cannot be successful.  Without this awareness, whatever you create will be a waste of your time and money, and the client will end up spending more money than budgeted in order to do the required modifications. The end result will be that both parties are unhappy about the final result of the project.

The client’s design brief would differ according to the particular graphic design or rebranding project. A design brief for creating a website or a business card would be totally different to one of promoting a particular brand. However, there is some important general information about the company and what you are planning to achieve through the project that could give the graphic designer a good idea about the situation. Some of the most important information that should be included in a graphic design brief are listed below.

1. Title
2. Nature of business
3. Target market: Sex, Age, Location, Income
4. USP (unique selling proposition) of your business
5. Idea about the competition and competitors
6. Future goals of the business
7. The message that needs to be communicated to the client
8. Budget range
9. Your deadline
10. Provide the designer with past design and marketing materials.

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